Skin tags

What are skin tags?
Skin tags are common, acquired benign skin growths that look like a small, soft balloons of hanging skin. Skin tags can vary in number, size and color.

Where do skin tags occur?
Males and females are equally prone to developing skin tags. Some people are simply more prone to developing skin tags and may have new growths periodically. Variations in body weight over a short period and pregnancy are associated with skin tag development. Skin tags typically occur in characteristic locations, including the base of the neck, underarms, eyelids, groin folds, buttock folds and under the breasts.

How are skin tags treated?
Removal with radiofrequency is effective and safe on all areas including the eyelids. The treatment is done with or without anesthesia in several seconds to a minute for every skin tag.

How many treatments are needed?
One treatment session is adequate to remove all skin tags.

How to take care of the skin after the treatment?
Keep the treated area dry for at least 12 hours.
Apply an antibiotic cream two times a day for 10 days.
Avoid touching the scab which will form as it will come off on its own.
You may resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment.


Skin tags are removed fast and effectively with radiofrequency. Make an appointment